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Shipping, Payment & Returns

Payment methods and shipping cost

1. Payment methods

1.1. For shipping in Germany we offer the following payment methods, as long as there are no other specific payment methods mentioned within the Product pages. 

1.2. Payment in advanced (No fees)

1.3. Paypal (2,5% fees)

2. Shipment 

2.1. The shipment will be performed by DHL or UPS

3. Shipping cost

3.1 The Shipping cost vary from product category and destination. You can view the shipping cost after adding the product to the cart. 


4. Returns 

4.1. All our PCs are custom build (no pre-build clients) which are individual to the order. Therefore there is no refund/return possible once the building process has been started.

4.2 Products which are not custom orders such as the KRATOS Controller Mounts are refunadble within 14 days if the package contains the original content.

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